Black Cod

What's Happening with the Animal Fair Crew this Winter?

The Animal Fair crew has switched into winter mode. We expect to have Black Cod (Sablefish) available once every two month period (Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, March/April) and will give advance notice before the sales. Otherwise we are immersed in our alternate professions for the winter. Rich is diving for Sea Urchins, and Laura is hiking in the streams looking for salmon and observing their spawning activities. We'll be in touch and wish you all the best this holiday season!

Animal Fair hoodies will be available soon!

Animal Fair hoodies will be available soon!

Black Cod Fishing is open as of January 1st, 2016!

Happy New Year from the Animal Fair Crew!

We have all enjoyed resting up and spending some time with friends and family this wonderfully rainy holiday season. We plan on heading out for Black Cod again as soon as the ocean subsides from this latest series of storms.

Keep an eye out for an email update from us when we see a safe weather opening for our offshore (10 miles)  deep water (1800 ft) Black Cod fishing!

Thanks for checking in!

The Animal Fair Crew

Rich Holmes and Laura Miller