Off the boat sales

We advertise our seafood sale events online and through our email list to the local community. Most of our fish are reserved online one or two days before sale day by customers who receive our email notifications, sent out when we return to the harbor from fishing. The sale announcement emails include our current sale information and reservation forms.

Filling out the sale form lets us know what you'd like to purchase, how you would like it prepared, and what time you're able to pick up your fish from our boat on sale day. You'll usually receive confirmation of your order and pick up appointment within a few hours, and when you arrive at the boat on sale day your order will be ready to go!

If you would like to be notified when we have fresh seafood available, please fill out this form to join our community of seafood enthusiasts!



The Animal Fair started selling fresh seafood directly to the community in 2005. We started out by putting up signs all over town in hopes of selling a handful of fish. When customers came to the boat to buy fish we collected their emails and before long had a small customer base. 

Word of mouth does wonders in a small town, and as friends shared seafood meals together the extra time we spent caring for our fish was recognized. We were often told by customers that our salmon was the best they'd ever had. Some who had thought they didn’t even like salmon became regulars.

We realized how happy it made us to share our bounty and decided to provide fresh seafood to the community whenever we could get out to fish. Our fishing trips became more and more local customer oriented. We figured out an inventory system that saved our backs and protected our careful quality standards. We researched and purchased waterproof tags and high quality bags to keep our orders organized and professional.

There were many details that needed fine tuning, and once we were happy with our results we shared our ideas with other fisherman who were interested in selling fish off their own boats. We also made a practice of advertising for other fishermen when they came in with seasonal Albacore Tuna since this was something we couldn't otherwise provide.

Long lines of enthusiastic customers became the norm. Everyone would show up bright and early for the sale, and if they were lucky enough to order a fish, those toward the end of the line would have to wait for hours to get it (ex: Customer #30 @ 10 minutes per order = 5 hours). Realizing this was unacceptable we eventually created the online order and reservation system in use today, improving and simplifying communication and making life much easier for all involved.

It took years of seafood sales and the patience and support of our customers for us to learn how to juggle our fishing and also provide fresh seafood efficiently. We are happy and proud to have become a part of such an appreciative and supportive community of seafood enthusiasts!