Come join us!!!

Hi Fishy Friends and loyal supporters.  We wanted to take a rare quick moment to let you know of an event that is we feel is worth attending on Saturday, October 1st, 6:30pm in the Mendocino Village at the Gallery Bookshop.  Kirk Lombard, author of The Sea Forager's Guide to Northern California will be hosting a discussion on coastal foraging; and I am told that there will be sea shanties performed as well.

Weather you love the sea, sea food, foraging, fish or fishing stories, or all of the above please come down to take part in this event.  We hope to see you there!  Oh yeah, I have read the book and highly recommend it also! (Brent has read; Laura and Rich are soon to follow)

Kirk Lombard, author of The Sea Forager's Guide to Northern California at Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle's in Mendocino

Saturday, October 1st, 6:30pm  Join Kirk Lombard for a fun and informative conversation about coastal foraging on the California coast. Camilla Lombard is bringing her squeezebox, so expect a sea shanty sing along, too! Kirk Lombard combines a startling depth of knowledge with wry humor and colorful storytelling to guide readers’ quests to hook fish, dig clams, and pick seaweed for themselves. Lombard, a former staff member at the state Department of Fish and Game and founder of the foraging tour company/seafood delivery service Sea Forager Seafood, insists that his readers follow all regulations and encourages sustainable practices above and beyond what the State of California requires. Leighton Kelly’s stunning, occasionally idiosyncratic illustrations complement practical instructions for gathering a variety of fish and seafood and delicious recipes for what to do with each catch.  About Kirk Lombard: Kirk Lombard lives in Moss Beach, California, with his fishwife Camilla Lombard and their two kids, Django and Penelope. Kirk writes, fishes, sings a skull-cracking baritone, dabbles in papier-mâché sculpture, plays tuba for the SF-based band Rube Waddell, and, with Camilla, runs Sea Forager Seafood, a sustainable, subscription-based seafood delivery service based in San Francisco.

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